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Personalized focus on your Nutrition, Fitness, Energy



Personalized Focus


We spend 12 weeks focused solely on your nutrition and how it plays into your lifestyle.


– daily nourishment

– gut health

– rebalancing hormones

– how to use food and timing as another of your tools for your purposes and goals, when useful

– supplementation, if personally useful, for digestion, bio-availability, and energy improvement

– the what and where to shop to save you time, money, & energy in the long run




Nutrition + Fitness

Work with me 1:1 to align your nutrition for optimal energy to enjoy fitness again without hours in the gym or diets that don’t work. 

We work to balance your energy for your goals and desires and continuously expand your body while rewiring your mind for the long term.

You have goals! 

We will set up your alignment to balance, grow, and create consistency that you both know how to maintain and adjust accordingly for yourself with anything that comes your way years form now! 

This program will save you money in pharmaceutical & healthcare costs long term, as the main diseases plaguing America today are all lifestyle diseases. 

Energy Audit

 For the price of dinner and a movie with the fixings you can gain clarity and stop becoming stressed to the nines.

You may know quite a bit about nutrition and fitness already. That’s great, but sometimes you need an objective perspective and guidance personalized for you and your body to help guide your next steps. 

– We take a look at your nutrition and any imbalances in your microbiome.

– We find where to fill in any gaps in your fitness with physics to increase your strength and mobility.

– Then we look at other options for extra energy for sustainability, not a quick fix. They don’t work.

Still not seeing results you desire?

Let’s Chat

Set up a FREE chat with me.

On this call we will go over 3 things:

1. Identify what’s blocking you from being in the best shape of your life.  (It’s usually not what you think… the “problem” is not the problem.)

2. Go over your personal blueprint to help move you from stress to consistent success.

3. Talk about exactly what you can do in the next few days, weeks, and months to balance your body and enhance your energy in your new dynamic lifestyle.


“Kate helped me find balance in the chaos of my current life. I can move better and feel more even with the dis-ease I’ve spent so much time with and money on. She helps you see outside the box and her experience as a dancer plays a big role.”

Janet W.

“Kate is always straightforward with you and leaves the choice up to you with the knowledge to chose for yourself, as well as a silver lining in any situation. “

Justin C.

“Kate was able to help me take the time to focus on what I want and need, laying a foundation for me to invest in my physical wellbeing as well. The foods I now eat, exercise I incorporate, relationships I invest in all support me in accomplishing my goals.”

Tori W.-S.

Health is more than nutrition and fitness. 

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