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Times are different, though Your Zestful Life has always been and remains virtually accessible. This means you can lounge in your PJs as we chat (I fully approve!) and feel comfortable in your own home. 

This offers ease of access, convenience, and, for some, an increased comfort in disclosing sensitive personal information. Telehealth offers a way to maintain certainty in your personalized routine and self-care during uncertain times. It’s a helpful option whether you’re local, if you’re traveling temporarily, or you’re sick/quarantined. Depending on your desires, needs, and the appropriateness of fit, video, phone, or healthy and safe in-person sessions are all available.

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I work with those who have the desire and are prepared to invest in themselves. If we have no desire we won’t do the work to direct important changes to create the unique lifestyle that suits best.  So set up a 15 minute call and let’s see where your desires and my guidance could help you create the lifestyle that supports all aspects of your life.






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