One of the first tools I bring to my clients is a culmination of science, an age-old practice, mindfulness, and expansive action. It is something we do involuntarily and yet have control over when present and focused in the moment.


You have the physical, breathing and shifting the timing of your inhale and exhale. You also have the opportunity to expand in the pause of your breath. These enhance your control and the strength of your diaphragm, central to your body, your organs, attached to your skeleton on all sides. This control allows your muscles and fascia to enhance not only strength but also flexibility and functional movement in every direction.


Having the ability to control your breath also enhances your balance of hormones and neurotransmitters from brain to body and vice versa. Having the ability to slow and control your breathing sends the signal to the brain that you are OK, there is no danger, and your body can comfortably rest, digest, heal itself, reproduce, etc. If you are in a constant state of fight, flight, freeze your body turns these systems off and sends all the energy and oxygenated blood to your extremities. This raises cortisol which will save you in the moment, but most of us are stuck in this state without reprieve. And people wonder why there are so many new issues arising internally… Because of bio-individuality, your story, your genes and whether they are turned on or off, as well as your tiniest habits and the nourishment and movement you allow your body these dis-eases will show up in a different location and in a different way that is unique to you. So we treat the whole integrated body and find the root cause when you are ready to change your lifestyle and your life.

Through these breaths and the control of your physical center also comes the awareness, bringing your mind to the center as well. When you have this focus centered you can practice remaining mentally in the present, this is where you can begin to subtly change what you desire. These mental shifts are you rewiring your subconscious through the energy, feelings, and your imagination turned into your reality. The subconscious doesn’t simply do what you say. It has been programmed to protect you from every experience you have felt, seen, heard, and been through so for, and will respond to those cues. 

In the present moment however you give your imagination the space to create the things you DO desire and make them your new reality. What you focus on the most you will create. Note, also, that your brain doesn’t care about qualifiers, good or bad, positive or negative; what you imagine it replicates.


Now the idea is great, but we have busy schedules and many things to do. Often we forget to take the couple of minutes or ourselves or schedule them into our day. One tool I have found that I take with me is the Komuso Shift. It’s fashionable for those of you looking to add to your style. It is also extremely helpful as a reminder to take 2 minutes a couple of times a day to return to your present. What I like about the Shift is the small amount of resistance you feel on the exhale through this nifty little organic tool. The age-old practice is borrowed from Japanese monks. It’s an effective drug alternative designed by a therapist to slow your exhale. And it’s incredibly simple…

As I have said before, STRESS has become our greatest health issue. Anything we can gently and easily slide into our daily lifestyle to enhance our relaxation and balance has extraordinary long-term benefits.

Benefits it enhances:

Stress Relief backed by Science

 Decrease stress hormone
 Slow down heartbeat
 Decrease blood pressure
 Loosen up muscles

Ready to try it out? Use code ZestfulLife at checkout to receive 15% off your own Komuso Shift. They have a 60-day money back guarantee, though I think you’ll find the simple, tasteful reminder on your person is a wonderful addition to your life and style.



Remember meaningful ideas and consistent action bring you results you desire.