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Your body is constantly working to heal itself. We don’t need to force healing, your body does that for you. We simply learn how to unblock the way.

Mind.Body.Energy. Alchemy. Balance.

Finding what fuels you, moves you, and inspires you will keep you healthier and happier. I always begin with nutrition. Diets, or what they have become, don’t work. Bio-individuality tells us one person’s food is another person’s poison. Your nutrition must fit your lifestyle and your nourishment, your body.

Can you make enormous changes by shifting and timing your nutrition? Yes.

Will it move you into the best shape of your life alone? No, but it does mean you can become more in tune with your body, increase the available energy, and begin to shape your strength and flexibility to your desires, and further. Food is information.

There’s no magic pill. I said it. You can be annoyed, or you can take action and invest in yourself! Every day, in little ways. Just like the little things in life are what we cherish more than a huge event, those small, caring investments make the big picture one of immense quality. 

Find understanding in your consistent evolution until the balance feels more effortless in allowing than trying to force what you currently know and understand. It takes courage, determination, and intelligence to seek this balance with a solid foundation to continue evolving from. Connect with your highest self and your zestful life. 

The Real Problem… 

Chronic Stress

Stress places our bodies in a constant state of what I call The Three Fs, fight, flight, freeze. It is part of our survival mechanisms connected to our central nervous system called your Sympathetic Nervous System. When stress is your constant state of mind and body, the “chronic” catches up with you. It is great to keep you alive for moments of danger, but this state also turns of digestion, healing processes, and reproduction body systems. This means the brain-body conversations are over static along your vegus nerve, from brain through spine, blocking your hormones from performing their proper jobs well or being secreted at all. Stress tells fat cells to store all it can for what it is designed to think of as the “coming famine” and slow down your metabolism as well. You can see the direction this all can lead.

“Let food be

thy medicine”

Hippocrates had the right idea in my humble opinion. He also said, “all dis-ease begins in the gut.” Modern/Western Medicine has its place, especially in emergencies, but our strides in science have left behind some amazing properties and also caused major imbalances, too. You have a broken leg, you go have it set. You have high cholesterol, take a look at your nutrients and if your nourishment is supporting your organ functions. Food can be both causing and relieving problems, though many doctors’ training in and knowledge of nutrition is rudimentary. In this day and age, we are also juggling :

  • Chronic Stress – which can alter digestive secretion, will change bacterial composition and gut permeability, blood flow, hormone balance, and sensitivity 
  • Over-Medicating – with antibiotics, birth control, NSAID’s, anti-depressants, antacids, etc.
  • Exposure to Environmental Toxins – notably hidden pesticides, herbicides, BPAs, PCBs, arsenic, EMFs
  • Inadequate Bacterial Acquisition at Birth – C-section birth, parents gut health and mothers diet during pregnancy, infants transition from breast milk to adult food, etc.
  • Current Health & Body Composition – Poor overall disease status
  • Economics & Accessibility to Necessities

Some of these modern alternatives are necessary and useful for their time and place, but most people have lost touch with their own knowledge and understanding of subtle cues from their own bodies. Small shifts in your lifestyle, timing, and nutrients may be the easiest and most sustainable aid to less stress and longer happier lives.





Physical Activity

Home Cooking

Home Environment



Social Life







Lifestyle is a balance of it all.

My Approach

Most people want a long life so look for the long term “fix.” There is no magic pill. You don’t beat your body and mind into shape and expect long term results. We’ve all seen that strategy fail so the question is what will succeed? And, what will that look like for you?

The answer is in your own story. 

Where I come in is as your accountability, giving you the safe time and space to scroll through your experiences, and offer you the knowledge you’ve not yet been aware of, along with knowledge, experience, several other objective perspectives, and over 100 dietary theories to create the lifestyle that best suits your bio-individuality and desires.


An Extra Perception We All Have

We have watched athletes, meditators, yogis, and others over the years learn to control and shape their bodies, breathing, and even heart rate. These autonomic systems, that function automatically as you don’t need to remind your heart to beat or your lungs to expand and oxygenate your body to breathe, these system can be controlled by the mind. Just as these organs are the mechanisms to survive, the plasticity of your brain is the mechanism for continually reshaping your mind. You’ve probably heard, “your thoughts create your reality.” The reality is, it’s true, but your brain doesn’t care if they are “good” or “bad” thoughts. The lens you look through and focus with is the reality you create, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When you bring this awareness into your focus all bets are off! You can create anything you desire. That’s where the fun begins. So what is it you truly desire?

And, what’s your Why?

Kate Rouzer

Kate Rouzer

Your Zestful Life Health Coach

Certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

AADP Board Certified Practitioner 

Physical Trainer

AntiGravity®KR Aerial Yoga & Suspension Fitness Owner






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