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Peak performance is true alignment of mind, body, and energy.

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I help ambitious men and women create and consistently maintain their peak performance through simple science and practice so they can show up at the top of their game every single day.

What I’ve Found…

What I’ve found is most ambitious people have immense drive and determination in their careers but they run into their own self-sabotage trying to balance everything else in life. Dealing with stress has become their greatest health issue, draining their energy and standing in the way of their successes. They have tried diets, insane workouts, and biohacking to show up at the top of their game, but each strategy eventually fails from lack of time and energy. They keep thinking the next strategy will do the trick, but they’re becoming more frustrated watching the greatest experiences in their life pass by.


“Return on investment”

The real problem is they lack the energy in their diligence to complete almost anything to their high caliber, let alone all their desires. They need to align their personal nutrition, fitness, energy and expansive actions with simple science to create desired results, which gives them more time and mindset to prioritize and expand their successes at the top of their game, daily. I know because this was my story, too.

“Return on investment”

Your Coach

Kate Rouzer

I have spent the past 20 years in practical application, research, and experience with my own body as a ballerina, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, and athlete to help my clients hone in on their ideal lifestyle so they can thoroughly enjoy the rest of their long agile lives.

Things I believe:

  • No BS. Time is valuable. Yours and mine.
  • Preventative lifestyles save money and misery in the long game – invest in yourself first. Life should be fun.
  • There’s no magic pill. Align your nutrition with the physics in your fitness and get results faster.
  • Always ask questions, about everything, to find what is true for you with insatiable, unapologetic curiosity.  
  • You can access the energy you need instantaneously for massive success by being present in the moment and being truly honest with yourself. 
  • Being busy doesn’t get you where you really want. Alignment does. Body.Mind.Energy.

Physics & Fitness

This one alignment will shift the entire shape of your body without insane workouts and extreme exhaustion. You’ll be able to relax and actually enjoy movement again.

The Integration

You may think you understand how your gut works but you’re missing one key piece to the puzzle. By learning this simple, straightforward connection, you will be able to leverage your “gut” to help you achieve the health you desire instead of sabotaging yourself by repeating inefficient habits. – It’s not what you think…

What they don't tell you...

You can eat “healthy” foods like leafy, green kale and exercise every day, but without this ONE thing that few experts actually understand, you’ll never create or maintain excellent health and you’ll throw in the towel after a few days.

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